FIFA Mobile Soccer Review

FIFA Mobile Soccer 19 was recently launched by EA Sports to bring the world’s greatest soccer game to smartphones and tablets, allowing gamers the same top-ranked players, kits, stadiums and badges that the original FIFA is known for.


More than 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17,000 players are accessible on the game. The 100 percent mobile version also allows you to build even bigger, broader clubs right from the start with added player benefits and expert control of the pitch.

Score A Hat Trick With New Mobile Features

The new mobile version includes the introduction of an inventive Attack Mode. This online multi-player mode allows for fast-paced gaming playing only your team’s bombardment chances for a half to score as much as possible before passing it on to your opponent for the next half. The most powerful player wins the match, allowing you to focus play on the parts of the match that matters most — scoring.

The Live Events feature keeps you plugged into real time soccer matches with updated scores and stories from around the world. Additionally FIFA Mobile Soccer has gotten more social, allowing you to connect with friends and other fans for League play. You can hold inter-league championships or compete with other clubs across the globe, building rank on the leaderboard.

The Mobile Gaming Difference 

Designed to be played on almost any smartphone or tablet, FIFA Mobile Soccer brings the love of the game to a much wider audience. With anytime play easily at the tip of your fingertips, the game continues when you’re on the go.

The same elements of play are back in the mobile version, but compacted into a much smaller size. To accommodate, the game runs on reduced graphic capabilities in comparison with FIFA 16 to cater to more mobile matches. The game downloads at speeds of under 100MB, thus game play is still permitted even without WIFI.

Game controls aren’t as even with the mobile game as with FIFA 16, as more significance is placed on touch actions. This may be a letdown for hardcore FIFA fans used to more instinctive control.

Authenticity Of The Game

Like other EA titles, FIFA Mobile Soccer includes the same licenses to actual player names, appearances, badges and kits. Player ratings have been updated for the mobile version to seem more realistic.

To incorporate an international audience the game includes support in English, Portuguese, French, Russian and Turkish.

While all the bells and whistles and smooth play of the original FIFA may not be here, the FIFA Mobile 19 Hack game packs a real punch for serious soccer devotees who want to keep the play going even away from gaming consoles.